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Author:  Author [ Mon Feb 27, 2012 10:13 am ]
Post subject:  Timeline

In this thread we will discuss the timeline of the game, thus things which happen independent of the doing of the player. A large part will be about the tournament itself; winner of vs.-Battles will be bold
If you think about events please try to make them conform with this timeline. F stands for fighting (unacessable) girls that day.
EDIT: Changed Opening Ceremony to day 0 since fireworks on daytime look boring.

Day 00: you arrive at the island, opening ceremony
Day 01: tournament starts with preliminaries, F: Misty (vs. Wattson)
Day 02: F: Cynthia (vs. Burgh), Platinum (vs. Youngster Joey)
Day 03: F: Sapphire (vs. ?), Iris (vs. ?)
Day 04: F: Chuu (vs. ?)
Day 05: F: Misty (vs. ?)
Day 06: F: Cynthia (vs. ?), Platinum (vs. Bianca)
Day 07: F: Sapphire (vs. ?), Iris (vs. ?)
Day 08: Chuu (vs. ?)
Day 09: F: Misty (vs. Clay)
Day 10: F: Cynthia (vs. ?), Platinum (vs. ?)
Day 11: F: Sapphire (vs. ?), Iris (vs. ?), Chuu (vs. ?)
Day 12: Chuu (vs. Silver)
Day 13: F: Misty (vs. Erica), Cynthia (vs. ?), Sapphire (vs. Janine), Iris (vs. ?)
Day 14: F: Cynthia (vs. ?), Sapphire (vs. ?), Platinum (vs. ?), Platinum (vs. ?) [yes, 2 times], Iris (vs. ?)
Day 15: F: Cynthia (vs. ?), Sapphire (vs. ?), Platinum (vs. ?), Iris (vs. ?)
Day 16: F: Cynthia (vs. ?), Sapphire (vs. ?), Platinum (vs. ?), Iris (vs. ?)
Day 17: F: Cynthia (vs. ?), Sapphire (vs. Steven Stone), Iris (vs. ?); end of preliminaries, festival for the finalists
Day 18: time to sit back and relax
Day 19: round of 16 (Red vs. Sapphire, Lance vs. ?)
Day 20: round of 16 (Fights 3 & 4)
Day 21: round of 16 (? vs. Steven Stone, Fight 6)
Day 22: round of 16 (Cynthia vs. ?, Fight 8)
Day 23: quater final I (Red vs. Lance)
Day 24: quater final II
Day 25: quater final III (? vs. Steven Stone)
Day 26: quater final IV (Cynthia vs. ?)
Day 27: semi finale I (Red vs. ?)
Day 28: semi finale II (Steven Stone vs. Cynthia)
Day 29: 3rd place (? vs. Cynthia)
Day 30: final battle (Red vs. Steven Stone), end of the tournament
Day 31: victory celebration, epiloge

It is indeed coincidence that Misty, Cynthia and Sapphire fight a day after each other in the preliminaries.

That's what I thought of so far. The fights can be changed, but I want the first three places with Red, Steven and Cynthia.

Author:  Author [ Mon Jan 07, 2013 4:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Tournament Groups

For extendability we save up space for upcoming attendants, so we take a fixed value of 400 participants and hope there will never be more Pokemon characters who would like to attend such an event :)

I came up with 200 because I thought of the following system: battling more than 10 rivals in this 18 days before the finals would be kinda exhausting, but with 16 groups (like in soccer world championship) we would have at most 160 participants. That seemed kinda small to me, but it would be a backup plan. My idea was we have 8 groups of 25 people, but with 5 people in a subgroup. All people in a subgroup battle each other and the one with most wins goes up to the "main" group, all others are out. Now the winners of the five subgroups battle against each other in the second phase and the two with most wins go into the finals. So we have 8 fights for each participant (who won the first phase) – which holds a nice similarity to the 8 gym leaders – and 60 fights per group, making 480 fights during the preliminaries and thus 26 to 27 fights per day. Judging fom the anime, a fight would hardly go 20 minutes in average (depending on the rules) and with two fights simultaneously and 45 minutes advertisement in general we would get 5.5 hours of entertainment each day. Sounds reasonable to me.

Now I post the groups as far as I had (randomly) planned them yet. A "!" before a person means he/she is the winner of the subgroup and a "(1.)" or "(2.)" means he/she is the first or second in the group respectively. And indeed there are "empty" cells ranging from 1Aa to 8Ee, where the number indicates the group, the capital letter the subgroup and the small letter the position within.

Group 1:
1Aa 1Ba 1Ca 1Da 1Ea
Sidney ! Red (1.) 1Cb Brawly 1Eb
Crasher Wake Mystic Guy™ Roark Whitney 1Ec
1Ad 1Bd 1Cd Candice 1Ed
1Ae 1Be 1Ce 1De 1Ee

Group 2:
2Aa Clay 2Ca 2Da Marshal
2Ab ! Erica 2Cb 2Db 2Eb
2Ac Misty 2Cc ! Maylene 2Ec
2Ad Wattson 2Cd 2Dd ! Lance (2.)
2Ae 2Be 2Ce 2De 2Ee

Group 3:
3Aa 3Ba Volkner 3Da 3Ea
3Ab Blaine 3Cb Roxanne 3Eb
Brycen Glacia ! Cynthia (2.) Lt. Surge 3Ec
3Ad Morty Burgh Skyla Aaron
3Ae 3Be 3Ce 3De 3Ee

Group 4:
4Aa 4Ba 4Ca 4Da 4Ea
Bianca 4Bb Wallace Phoebe Alder
Youngster Joey 4Bc 4Cc Koga Bruno
! Platinum Berlitz Blue 4Cd 4Dd Juan
4Ae 4Be Marlon 4De 4Ee

Group 5:
5Aa 5Ba 5Ca 5Da 5Ea
Flint ! Steven Stone (1.) Janine Gardenia 5Eb
5Ac 5Bc ! Sapphire (2.) 5Dc 5Ec
5Ad Flannery 5Cd 5Dd 5Ed
5Ae 5Be 5Ce 5De 5Ee

Group 6:
Norman 6Ba 6Ca 6Da 6Ea
Shauntal 6Bb 6Cb 6Db 6Eb
Lenora ! Iris Falkner 6Dc 6Ec
6Ad 6Bd 6Cd 6Dd 6Ed
6Ae 6Be 6Ce 6De Byron

Group 7:
7Aa 7Ba 7Ca Sabrina 7Ea
7Ab 7Bb 7Cb White 7Eb
Jasmine Caitlin Lucian Will 7Ec
Roxie Fantina 7Cd 7Dd 7Ed
Karen 7Be 7Ce 7De 7Ee

Group 8:
Black Bugner 8Ca Chuu 8Ea
8Ab 8Bb 8Cb 8Db 8Eb
Winona 8Bc Grimsley 8Dc Elena
Drayden 8Bd 8Cd Silver Clair
Drake 8Be 8Ce 8De 8Ee

For better planning we may increase the daily fights, then we have 16 days of fights, maybe seventeen when we make a break between first and second phase
Timing of the fights (planned in that way no trainer has two fight two times a day during phase one):
1. day: 1Aa vs. 1Ab & 2Aa vs. 2Ab, 1Ba vs. 1Bb & 2Ba vs. 2Bb, etc., 1Ac vs. 1Ad & 2Ac vs. 2Ad, etc., 3Aa vs. 3Ab & 4Aa vs. 4Ab, etc. (30 fights)
2. day: 3Ac vs. 3Ad & 4Ac vs. 4Ad, etc., 3Aa vs. 3Ae & 4Aa vs. 4Ae, etc., 5Aa vs. 5Ab & 6Aa vs. 6Ab, etc.
3. day: 5Ac vs. 5Ad & 6Ac vs. 6Ad, etc., 5Aa vs. 5Ae & 6Aa vs. 6Ae, etc., 7Aa vs. 7Ab & 8Aa vs. 8Ab, etc.
4. day: 7Ac vs. 7Ad & 8Ac vs. 8Ad, etc., 7Aa vs. 7Ae & 8Aa vs. 8Ae, etc., 1Aa vs. 1Ae & 2Aa vs. 2Ae, etc.,
combinations ab, cd, ae in every subgroup done
5. - 8. day: same scheme with bd, ce, ad
9. - 12. day: same scheme with be, ac, de
13. day: 1Ab vs. 1Ac & 2Ab vs. 2Ac, etc., 3Ab vs. 3Ac & 4Ab vs. 4Ac, etc., 5Ab vs. 5Ac & 6Ab vs. 6Ac, etc., 7Ab vs. 7Ac & 8Ab vs. 8Ac, etc. (40 fights) + end of first round
Winner of subgroubs will be denote by simply leaving the small letter
14. day: 1A vs. 1B & 2A vs. 2B, 3A vs. 3B & 4A vs. 4B, etc. until & 8A vs. 8B, the same again with C vs. D, then A vs. E (32 fights)
15. day: B vs. D, C vs. E, A vs. D
16. day: B vs. E, A vs. C, D vs. E
17. day: B vs. C (8 fights) + end of second phase and preliminaries
18. day: calm day and reeeeeelaaaaaaax

The finals are hold as following (where N.1 and N.2 stand for first or second winner of group N respectively) (read this columnwise too)
1.1 vs. 5.2 1.2 vs. 5.1
2.2 vs. 6.1 2.1 vs. 6.2
3.1 vs. 7.2 3.2 vs. 7.1
4.2 vs. 8.1 4.1 vs. 8.2

The winners of the fights standing directly under each other will fight in the quarter finals, then the two winners of a column in the semi finale and the two winners of this in the finale after third place was found out.
With this, the finals are as "predicted" in the first post

Author:  Author [ Sat Jul 13, 2013 12:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Timeline

since Platinum will be one of the next characters, I added her (4Ad) to the tournament. She doesn't make it to the finals, I mean, Wallace, Alder and Bruno are in her Group (and Youngster Joey), what would you expect?

Author:  Author [ Wed Sep 11, 2013 6:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Timeline

I've added Iris, because I've just traced her (w/o emotions). She is the champion of her subgroup, nevertheless she won't become a finalist

Author:  Author [ Sun Sep 15, 2013 6:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Timeline

Added Chuu to the tournament in that way, that the first days there's always one datable character occupied with the tournament. Chuu won't make it through round 1.

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