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 Post subject: The Relationship System
PostPosted: Sat Feb 11, 2012 11:39 am 
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Guess I will post the Relationship System, as far as far it's figured out yet.

The base concept of the game itself is to get at least one girl to the Lover-Milestone within the 31 days. Thus, the milestones show you how far you came. Milestones will be mostly indicate by the relationship points, exp for short. To access the milestone of a girl (e.g. Misty), type her python-name (e.g. misty (all letters small)) followed be .getMilestone() (e.g. misty.getMilestone() ). It will return an integer, the one which is in brackets in the following list.
  • Stranger (0) – no requirements because this is normally the start milestone
  • New Friend (1) – 100 exp needed
  • Good Friend (2) – 300 exp needed (3 times New Friend)
  • Close Friend (3) – 750 exp needed (2.5 times Good Friend)
  • Boyfriend (4) – 1500 exp needed (2 times Close Friend) + at least one successful date
  • Lover (5) – 2250 exp needed (1.5 times Boyfriend… I sense a pattern here)
While this will be pretty official later on, we have 2 secret milestones by now from where you can't go on anymore. First is Boytoy (6) and second ist Best Friend FOREVER (7).

You know you can gift a girl after archiving a certain milestone (which would be good friend here, I guess), but some players tend to gift the girl a lot afterwards and thats not how it ought to be. So if you give her a gift overkill, she will only expect more from you (milestone becomes Boytoy) and you won't get out of it, meaning this girl can't become the players lover anymore and he can't win with her.
The gifting will be measured with corruption points, short cp: When a girl gets more than 500 corruption points (can be adjusted for each girl), the milestone activates. The corruption points you recive depends on what meanings the gifts you give her have. Currently we have for categories:
  • small – gives 50 exp and 60 cp
  • middle – gives 100 exp and 100 cp
  • large – gives 180 exp and 150 cp
  • pointless/derp – gives 0 exp and 55 cp, because developers are evil
After every day every girl gets 50 cp removed (but if she has less then 50, it becomes 0), which may be multiplied with a individual factor. So every second day a normal gift is considered okay. Additionally, gifts given on dates won't increase the cp counter, and the player may have noob protection for one or two days so inexperienced player down shoot themselves off with the first try.
As for the gift categories, not the gifts have them, but the girls know for each gift what it would mean to her individually.

Best Friend FOREVER
With the obvious Pinkie Pie reference the girl will friendzone the player really hard so he can't get out of it anymore and can't win with her. This happens due to to much talk or to stay close friends too long (meaning you get enough exp for lover but are still just close friend).
After this was enough explanation for the second reason, lets look more on the first. If you talk within the last 4 (default, can be adjusted individually) days (including the ongoing day) more than 10 (default, can be adjusted individually) times, you get BFF'ed. I may should mention on the other hand, if you already have a girlfriend/lover and don't talk at least 3 (default, can be adjusted individually) times in these 4 days, she will call you in the evening (meaning when the player decided to go sleep) and tell you she will break up due to "Why you won't talk with me anymore?!". And with break-up I mean milestone goes back to Good Friend and the exp to the minimum amount of exp needed for Good Friend. Of course this won't happen if the girl's milestone is Boytoy or BFF.

The interaction between the girls and the protagonist is the main thing to do in the game, because it's absolutly neccessary to reach the desired milestone. The following game concept is planned: On a screen you can choose a girl and you will "zoom" to her (as in Sim Girls) but without loosing HP, and then you can choose an action to do (as in Love Hina), which will cost a certain amount of HP, depending on what you choose. The actions you can choose from are the followings:
  • talking (always)
  • fighting (always; no trainer can escape a fight!)
  • Question and Answer (New Friend or more)
  • calling, see telephone system (New Friend or more)
  • giving gifts (Good Friend or more)
  • dating (Close Friend or more)
(here "more" includes Boytoy and BFF)

Talking is very important in a relationship and besides quests (who aren't coming up so soon) it's the most important part writers have to care about, because through dialog the player will experience the girl. It would be nice if the dialog isn't always the same, so the player isn't bored too fast. I will make another thread about how creating dialog. Here I will just post how much exp you get. Girl's milestone is
  • Stranger or New Friend – 10 exp
  • Good Friend or Close Friend – 20 exp
  • Boyfriend or Lover – 30 exp
  • Boytoy or BFF – 20 exp
By this system talking won't get "useless" later on. And talking always costs 20 HP.

Of course you can always challenge someone to a Pokémon battle. Battles will be handled special, so I'm not writing much about it here. You may just know we have a battle counter (win, loose, tie) for every girl, so we can do a lot with it. For the battle concept, see here, for its meaning to the girls, look here

Question and Answer
You can get some information out of the girl by talking, but have you even listened to what she said? Here you can prove it! Q&A costs 5 or 10 HP (suggestions welcome), and she will ask you something you could know by now ('now' as in 'current milestone') if you talked enough to her and it will also be an excercise for dates. There should be at least 3 possible answers, maybe four, or a form to fill in (e.g. "Day of first kiss?"). The answers should fall in one of four categories: Right, Almost RIght, Wrong and Very Wrong, and there should be one and only one Right in the choices. Regardless of the question and the milestone these categories should decide how much exp will be given (suggestions welcome; it should be somewhat risky). Theoretically negative exp for wrong or very wrong answers seem legit and you're welcome to think about these too, but for now we won't have negatives, because going back in the relationship is not planned yet (except for the too less talking) and it would be stupid if you could get about 50 exp by always giving a wrong answer but still be Lover.

Telephone system
Since it's a dating sim and with this something that wants to be realistic to some degree, we have telephones as in the Sim Girls Dating Sim. Since we speak about Pokémon, it will be no problem to have this one way or another, since we can call friends since GenII. I'm not sure how Sim Girls inplemented it, but the relationship system there was kinda fucked up anyway (have over 1000 exp AND more than 4 decimal digits, really?). So what would be realistic? Sure your friends would be annoyed if you call them the whole day. And how long do you intend to call our friend? Sure its better to speak for 40 Minutes than 2 times 20 minutes (because it's better to interrupt the friend one time instead of two). As an aspect of the game, it's also better to cal the friend early instead of late, else people would tend to throw ther remaining 5 HP away at the end of the day, and telephoning isn't planned as that. But on the other hand, you can plan your day through, see how much HP you would have at the end of the day, and use it as first. It makes the game a little bit more advanced. The following formula matches all this criteria. # stands for 'times of' and x is the amount of HP you can spent for calling (an integer between 1 and 50 inclusive):
exp (x) = floor( 1.5 * x / [1 + # called girl today] * squareRootOf[ {protagonist's current HP} / {protagonist's max. HP for today} ] )
And yes, second girl you call automatically gets less exp. The player has to set his/her priorities. A dialog during a call is not planned yet, because normal calls are not THAT important in a relationship.

Giving gifts
The meaning of the gifts was given already, but lets repeat it:
  • small – gives 50 exp and 60 cp
  • middle – gives 100 exp and 100 cp
  • large – gives 180 exp and 150 cp
  • pointless/derp – gives 0 exp and 55 cp, because developers are evil
And every girl will have individual likings towards the different items, but may have some things in common, e.g. who would hyperreact over a normal pokéball? That's just derp.
The writers need to think about what item will cause what reaction and how the girl will respond to the player when having a certain reaction. It would be also possible to react different on different milestones, but lets not aim to high for now.
Gifting may take 0, 5 or 10 HP, I'm not sure of this yet. Suggestions are welcome.

see here

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

If you find mistakes in my English, feel free to correct me.

Pokémon Dating Sim Version 1.0 Alpha

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