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 Post subject: Battles (concept-wise)
PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2012 10:37 am 
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The battle system ist mostly fixed. But I would like to introduce it and get your thoughts about the battle formula. The discussion about effects of battles to girls is found here.

The battle is round based, just as in the games. But that's almost all they have in common. We don't want to concentrate on the pokémon. Instead, each round you and your opponent can choose a certain tactic to use: Brute, Counter or Rush. They work together like rock-paper-scissors, just as brute-counter-rush (you can remember this order well because its alphabetic ordered ;)).

Besides a certain factor due to your choice of tactics (let it be C, for choice) these 3 tactics have a base damage each. Brute has the protagonist's strength level, Counter the intelligence and Rush has (Strength+Intelligence)/2 (let the base damage be D).
C is 2, 1 or 0.5, depending on how chose what tactic.

Then Skill should be very important for Pokemon Battles. So the first try for Damage is (your Skill)/(enemy's skill), call it S.

To scale down the Damage, we use a constant c, by now it's 0.5. Additionally, the protagonist may get a bonus or malus depending on how he's fighting (as broock's pokémon should be weak against Misty's), let it be B (for now, take it as 1)

By now the damage calculates c*C*D*B*S. However, the problem is if two characters have similar stats, and one is just slightly stronger than the other one, he wins, because if you loose at the b-c-r, you can get a lot of damage. We have to rescale the parameters.

The battle HP are the number of (fictional) pokémon you have times 20. The protagonists starts with 40 BHP and these increase by 20 every sixth day, starting on day 5. By day 23 you will have 120 BHP and they won't increase anymore. BHPs are recovered by visiting the pokémon center (obviously) or sleep to the next day. You can also use potions, but only outside of battles.

If you find mistakes in my English, feel free to correct me.

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