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This thread provides an example of what a character could say. The character in question is Kirta, a female galactic imperator of mine (you may have noticed the "stories" in the URL), and she is sure not part of the game. Thus she is perfect to provide an IC example nobody can criticize without "stealing" a character from a potential character writer. I should also mention I base her on her later appearence, when she already has a serious relationship with someone, so the dialog is very hypothetical. And she is also over 700 years old (but looks like late twentys, duh).
What to write about was shown here
Put your writings into a code environment: (code)your text(/code), just with [ ] instead of ( )
Dialog (or better to say, monolog) is used in the form of »CharactersName "That's what she said."«
You can also use the narrator (leaving out the character name) or the Protagonist (Character's Name is Prota), but please don't use it often.
## first off whatever you post here will be copied / implemented by me, so I would like you to not produce unnecessary work for my
## comments are ALWAYS marked with a # before they begin and then everything behind it is a comment until next line starts
## USE comments

## Talking
# Stranger
Kirta "Do I know you?"

Kirta "Do you have any buisness with me?"

Kirta "Who are you?"

# New Friend
Kirta "What's up?"

# {more coming soon}

## Battles
# accepting the challenge
Kirta "Well, if you insist, I will give you a lesson." # cant-be-helped-expression

# she wins
Kirta "I hope you have learned your lesson." # desinterested

# tie
Kirta "Hm... Not bad." # somewhat approves

# she looses
Kirta "Wha–" # surprised ## please divide different expressions from each other
Kirta "Well, it seems you're a little bit stronger than expected."

## Gifts
## note it starts with "I have a little present for you."
# not accepting gifts
Kirta "You can keep your trash." # desinterested, maybe even snidely (You don't say!)

# accepting gifts
Kirta "Oh really?" # desinterested

# derp
Kirta "... What?" # bad surprised

# small
Kirta "That's nice of you, I guess." # somewhat desinterested

# normal
Kirta "Oh, thank you." # little smile, eyes open

# large
Kirta "Re-Really? You are just giving me this for nothing?" # first suprised, mouth open
Kirta "Thank you very much!" # then smiling with eyes closed

# superb
Kirta "Ha-ha, very funny of you... You aren't serious, are you?" # disbelieve
Prota "I am serious."
Kirta "… … … Wow, I think I can't express my gratitude." # surprise
Kirta "But thank you very, very much!" # smiling with slightly open mouth, kinda blushing, clear eyes (a Kirta-thing, meaning she is deeply moved)

## Dating
# not accepting date
Kirta "Why would I ever go out on a date with a guy like you?" # Kirta's typical Ho-Ho-ho!-Face

# accepting date
## it should include the player's about to choose a location
Kirta "Well...  I don't mind, where do you want to go?" # smiling, kinda blushing

# taking a photo
Kirta "I like photos for treasuring memories..."

# enough talk
Kirta "You're quite the talker, aren't you?"

# enough questions
Kirta "I'm confident you remembered some things about me, okay?"

# enough gifts
Kirta "Who are you, my sugar daddy? Don't be ridiculous!"

# enough photos
Kirta "You know, ONE photo is quite enough for memories."

If you find mistakes in my English, feel free to correct me.

Pokémon Dating Sim Version 1.0 Alpha

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