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PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2012 3:32 pm 
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So, since the character writers want to start, I should sort this out. To see how to write it down, look there.

So, after overworking how dialog works (intern), we now can easily add emotions. But to have a common ground, we may think about which emotions to write. So I give you these (idea from here: ):
  • [nothing] (default, whatever that may be)
  • "angry"
  • "cry"
  • "flirty" (becoming red)
  • "happy"
  • "laugh"
  • "sad"
  • "serious"
  • "shock" (negative)
  • "smile"
  • "surprise" (positive)
  • "wink"

Edit: I've just done these for Misty, here you can see it: (they are in alphabetical order and [nothing] is "smile" and not shown (a second time))
EDIT: "happy"="laugh" for now

You can see how these are used in the template.

Talking is mostly about the girl blabbering things and the player listening to it. Nevertheless, this project doesn't want to create a visual novel, so please keep it short. Normally there shouldn't appear more than one dialog box for a simple "talk", at most two. And it's more like monolog anyway. Also make notes about the characters facial expressions (if it isn't obvious) and from which milestone on they say this or that
There are three kinds of dialog: informative, trivia, and questionable *har-har*. "informative" is about the game, "trivia" is anything you else want to add and "questionable" is this kind of information she could ask you for. More about the first and the latter at the end of this post.

We need a "I'm accepting your challenge"-Liner and the reactions for win/tie/loose. It may could change after a certain time of wins/losses. I haven't thought much about battle dialog yet and I guess up until now it would make that much sense.
Also we need a reaction like "I'm not battling you."Nobody can escape a trainer fight!

The girl can question/test the protagonist anytime she wants to. To write the questions is not that much difficult, because there is not much character in asking "Do you know my favourite pokémon?" or alike. The possible answers will be written by the character writer of the girl as well, but they should be general and not specific for one character, e.g. nothing like "Since I'm the great and powerful Brock, I know the answer! It's …". As known, there are four categories of answers: Right, Almost Right, Wrong and Very Wrong. The reaction to the player's answer should depend on the type of answer and not on the answer in connection with the question. Also make a note from which milestone on the question is aviable.
Also we need a reaction like "I'm not answering your questions."

As known, we have 4 gift categories (depending on item and girl), being "large", "normal", "small" and "pointless/derp". Oh, and "superb" for the best the best the best. That's about the (positive) reaction she should show.
So, for each of these 45 reaction categories we need one or two lines to express the girl's gratitude (in her "own" words; through I would find it hilarious to hear a girl shouting "THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST!"). In addition, the protagonist may say something like "I have a little present for you." (always the same). Then the girl has to answer somehow, before the item chooser pops up. And just in case the player thinks something like "Oh, thinking about it again, I won't give it to her now.", he can cancel the gifting (nevertheless the needed HP will be gone :twisted:). But then the girl has to react somehow disappointed.
Also we need a reaction like "I'm not taking presents from you."

(see also) Normal talking could be special and maybe depend on the location, for now I'm leaving it to you. Normal FAQ and gift reaction will be the same as usual, kissing will be without dialog, so left to invent new is taking a photo (normal). And so, additionally we need the lines for the "too much of this" aka "you start creeping me out", when an action is repeated too much.
Also before going on the date, you have to ask a girl for it. We need a Yes and a No line.

Questionable Content:
is coming as soon as Myrrhion posted the Question list I gave him

Informative Content:
  • There is only ONE beach on the island!!1!
  • Sometimes the mountain looks like a vulcano, haha!
  • Girls like talking.
  • By talking to me someone could think you are a pedo, haha!(Only by child-like characters as Iris or dawn)
  • Girls really LIKE getting presents.

If you have any more ideas, feel free to post it here.

If you find mistakes in my English, feel free to correct me.

Pokémon Dating Sim Version 1.0 Alpha

PostPosted: Sat Jul 13, 2013 5:29 pm 
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added emotions :D (see start of first post)

If you find mistakes in my English, feel free to correct me.

Pokémon Dating Sim Version 1.0 Alpha

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